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Electric Golf Caddy

The eMotion caddies are innovations in golf cart technology, engineered and built in Germany, with a streamlined, lightweight, compact, and functional design that does not compromise on quality or style. They are powered by a unique type of lithium manganese battery, discreetly tucked into the cross bar, that weighs only 2.5 lbs but easily lasts a full round of golf. The battery powers two independent 200 watt virtually silent motors located within the rear wheels. The operation of an electric caddy has never been easier than it is with the eMotion patented sensor grip, where the light touch of your finger will start the caddy. No cogs, No wires, no dials, no switches, no worries. You feet are on the ground and your mind is on the game.


Amba9 is a lightweight GPS golf watch with easy-to-use features for any golfer wanting more accuracy and details with their golf game. Preloaded with over 36,000 international golf courses, the Amba9 provides essential information such as: - par and hole number, distance to the hole pin, distance to either the front or end of the green, digital score card allowing you to enter the number of strokes played on each hole , time and date display, in analog or digital styles, up to 12 hour battery life. All features and detail are indicated on a clean 1.28 inch easy-to-read display screen and selected by a set of 4 easy-to-use buttons.